About Jimmy Van

This would sound a lot better if you could replace the word “former” with the word “tremendous”:

Jimmy Van is the former owner and writer of JimmyVan.com, a once popular pro wrestling news and information website that died a slow death due to the dot-com bubble burst of 2001.  He is also the former promoter of independent wrestling companies in Canada including the Xtreme Wrestling Coalition (XWC) and Full Impact Wrestling (FIW).  JV has written a book, “Wrestling’s Underbelly: From Bingo Halls to Shopping Malls”.  He resides in Toronto, Canada with a woman that loves him (or at least pretends to) in a house they can sort of afford.


1 Response to About Jimmy Van

  1. sbarajasjr says:

    I wrote a few articles for knowyournews.com back when I was in HS. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express my love for wrestling (back when it was just that) and writing. A true pioneer back in the earlier days of the internet.

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